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A Sailor's Dream!

Your own private yacht, sailing in your Paradise

A romantic sail for two in Tahiti, exploring exotic Thailand, or family fun in the Caribbean, Whales in Pacific Northwest, sailing the French Riveria, or scuba diving from your boat in Beliz. We can help you realize your dream.

Adventurewave can book your yacht, provision your boat, arrange transport, & provide all the essentials for a perfect vacation in worldwide locations.

Qualified skippers will appreciate our assistance with navigation planning, and our sources for charts and other gear. Scuba diver? We know the spots & shops. Paddler? We can arrange for kayaks aboard.

We Work with the largest and best charter companies worldwide. Our experience and contacts will assure a great vacation!

AdventureWave can also provide skippered charters, or chefs, and crew.

Newly qualified skippers may also consider joining one of our flotillas!

Where would YOU like to go? Let us book your yacht, and get started on your dream today!